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Our scientific knowledge of human amniotic tissue based products is unparalleled with our patented PURION® Process focused on enhancing the healing process to improve clinical outcomes. MiMedx's strong commitment to research and development is driving our continued success. 

PURION Processed Stem Cell MagnetTM


In addition to promoting cell proliferation, PURION Processed dHACM was shown to recruit migration of adult stem cells, including mesenchymal stem cells, adipose derived stem cells, and hematopoietic stem cells in vitro and in vivo. Using in vitro assays, MSCs migrated across porous membranes toward pieces of dHACM tissue,1 and MSCs and ADSCs migrated to accelerate closure of cell-free zones in the presence of soluble dHACM extracts, comparable to closure of acellular wounds.2 To confirm these observations in vivo, two murine ischemic skin wound models of stem cell migration were also used. Following subcutaneous implantation, greater numbers of bone marrow MSCs and HSCs were measured at the site of dHACM implantation in wild type mice.1,3 Additionally, using a GFP parabiosis model, GFP+ bone marrow stem cells were identified at sites of neovascularization within the implanted dHACM grafts, indicating that stem cells were recruited from the bone marrow stem cell niche toward the dHACM grafts through the blood circulation.3 When compared to control graft tissue composed of acellular fetal dermal matrix (ADM, PriMatrix, TEI Biosciences), PURION Processed dHACM stimulated recruit greater levels of stem cell recruitment than the ADM tissue.



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