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Product Overview

Human Placental Tissue Allograft

285 Regulatory Proteins

Regulatory Proteins are contained in dHACM

Versatile Tissue Form

Provides a scaffold for ingrowth in acute and chronic wounds

5 Year Shelf Life

Stored at ambient conditions

Product Description

What is AmnioFill?

AmnioFill is a minimally manipulated, non-viable cellular tissue matrix allograft that contains multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines, and other specialty proteins present in placental tissue to help enhance healing.

Key Benefits

  • Human collagen matrix
  • Contains growth factors that modulate inflammation, reduce scarring, and enhance healing
  • Versatile tissue form provides a scaffold for ingrowth in acute and chronic wounds

Important Attributes

  • Terminally sterilized for enhanced patient safety
  • PURION® processed to provide an effective allograft with excellent handling characteristics
  • 5 year shelf life stored at ambient conditions

Product Details