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MiMedx Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

MiMedx Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

In 2020, MiMedx revised its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, known more simply as the Code. This Code is the framework to guide our actions and help maintain the culture that is continuing to be built upon at MiMedx.

We invite you to learn more about the Code and how it brings focus to how we continue to set our Company apart; by acting with integrity and doing what’s right……all day, every day.

Whether a director, officer, employee, agent, or business partner of MiMedx, your efforts to make a difference are appreciated.
Through our collective efforts in acting on our values and keeping our focus on what’s best for the patient, we will not only succeed in business, but positively impact the lives of our patients, community and our world.

To view the full Code of Business Conduct and Ethics document, click here.